Gloria Houston

award winning author, lecturer and writing coach

How Writing Works/ Imposing Organizational Structure Within the Writing Process


This long-awaited text uses a totally new concept in teaching writing by focusing on learning to write in the real world -- not the world of literary writing -- by using content materials from the entire curriculum. How Writing Works includes model lesson plans for use in direct instruction of organizational structures and models of indirect instruction strategies for teaching learners to consider the task, purpose, structure, audience, and point of view through the writing process.


Focuses on the writer as learner with research support and a new, broader definition of cultural diversity/​multiculturalism (especially socio-economically deprived and new English language learners) (Ch. 2).
Visual organizers throughout the text provide concrete images of abstract concepts, allowing successful writing experiences prior to the development of skills of abstraction.
Models for meaningful assessment are incorporated throughout with rubrics for specific attributes important to each organizational structure, providing students, parents, and teachers accurate information about students' progress.
Songs for elementary students composed by internationally acclaimed early childhood consultant Dr. Thomas Moore and songs for older students by rock lyricist and drummer Bill Hayes, are integrated in the text to help novice writers remember organizational structure (Chs. 3-7). (See inside back cover for more details.)

“(Houston's) approach is fresh, innovative, and based on Houston's own substantial work as a writer, a writing teacher, and a teacher educator.”
Professor Nancy Padak, Kent State University

“As a teacher, I am very excited that this material placed in the hands of a large number of...teachers.”
Professor Marsha M. Lewis, State Coordinator, North Carolina Reading Association

“From the beginning...I thought the book was EXCELLENT. I LOVED it! The profession needs this book...”
Professor Laurie Stowell, Cal State San Marcos

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